Transition from Selling Deliverables to Selling Outcomes


Dealers & Integrators are being bombarded with admonishments to “Sell Managed Services” or “Increase Your Value Proposition” in order to compete against low-overhead, low-margin. While these approaches are correct, more emphasis needs to be placed on the differences in selling transactions versus selling outcome-based services.

Enhance your customer experience and deliver greater customer satisfaction when you make the transition from selling deliverables to selling outcomes. This E4 video cast series from industry veteran Tom Stimson will offer you insights and guidance so that you can begin taking your first steps on this road today.

In this series, Tom Stimson explores four key areas to help dealers evolve:

  • The importance of “Getting in front of the RFP”
  • Five Reasons that Services is the best engagement point for new customers
  • The Three Things every service pricing model needs
  • Seven Things that Integration Sales Reps need to add to their toolbox